Acrylic Keychain Gold with Tassel

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Acrylic Keychain with Tassel Embellishment


Accessorize your daily style with our Acrylic Keychain with Tassel Embellishment. It’s time to have fun when heading out the door with these attached embellishments hanging around! Attach the included tassel to the acrylic keychain and you’ll feel a tad more elegant than usual. These adorable keychains make great additions to backpacks, purses, handbags, wallets, and more. Your clientele will have a blast detailing their belongings with these high-end keychains. They come in several different colors so you can offer a wide range to customers in need of a new fashion piece to show off.

Key Features

  • A shimmering gold metal covering the tassel embellishment
  • Solid acrylic keychain that’s sure to last several years
  • Makes a great fashion addition to any handbag, purse, wallet, or clutch
  • Available in 15 different color options


Add these Acrylic keychains with Tassel Embellishment to your catalog andorder yours today!


Disc size: 2” diameter