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Women’s Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Add a loving pair of shades to your catalog with the Women’s Heart-Shaped Sunglasses. It’s both dainty and classy with the perfect shade from the sun’s harsh rays. Our Heart-Shaped Sunglasses will make your female clientele feel a bit more stylish wherever they go. The dramatic heart-shaped frames are sure to turn heads and create envious looks from women everywhere! They make the perfect pair of sunglasses to wear on the weekend when hanging out with friends and adventuring the city.

Key Features

  • Made with premium plastic material and UV protective lens
  • Adds a dainty look to your everyday style that never disappoints
  • Cute heart-shaped frames that will turn heads wherever your go
  • Available in 3 different color options


Add these Women’s Heart Shaped Sunglasses to your catalog andorder yours today!


*Ways you can personalize:

- Adhesive Vinyl