Satin eye mask blank

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Blank Soft Satin Eye Mask


Allow the soft and soothing comfort of our Blank Soft Satin Eye Mask to ease you to sleep every night. Even if you’re just taking a small nap during the day, a nice satin eye mask can help relax your eyes, skin, and mind. Our Silk Sleeping Masks are made with 100% satin material to ensure top-notch comfort no one can refute! It’s our goal to create a truly relaxing nighttime experience and these eye masks will certainly help with that. They come in a variety of stunning color options you can have fun picking between. The more you order the greater the deal! These satin eye masks will be a sure hit with your customers as they can be branded with your company for added style.

Key Features

  • Made with genuine satin material that’s soft and smooth
  • Eases your skin and relaxes the eyes to enhances your sleeping experience
  • Available in 4 bright color options
  • Great for those who have trouble falling asleep

Enjoy a deep sleep with our Blank Soft Satin Eye Mask and order yours today!